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Every International Housing Concepts home is a system of features and materials designed to provide the homeowner comfort, functionality, and maintainability of their long-term investment. Our engineers consider the stresses that occur due to fit, weather-related issues, and wear over time. Our production team goes beyond standards, working with world-class providers of home elements and innovative materials, all to ensure the highest quality product and your enjoyment of your home.
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Park model homes are system built at a factory and delivered to your final destination requiring two levels of foundation: the site pad where your home will reside and the steel foundation upon which your home is built. International Housing Concepts engineers work with site developers to ensure the pad foundation is built to specifications, and with our steel component vendors to build the highest quality sub frame with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

The structure of the home includes the walls, roof, floor and architectural features. Our homes are built with both traditional stud methods and using our proprietary structural panels, our engineers are tasked to ensure the performance of insulation components and treatments against environmental and other related damage. International Housing Concepts goes beyond traditional warranties by providing TEN YEAR COVERAGE against structural defects.

We provide many choices as to wall finish, counters, flooring and cabinets that allow you to enjoy a unique home experience. Our vendors are chosen for their ability to deliver the highest quality products, and for the strength of their guarantees. We know that over time use and small defects can show on surfaces, damage may occur and treatments may need to be reapplied. International Housing Concepts provides DEFECT and DAMAGE warranties, and EXTENDED warranties beyond the manufacturer for appliances and other components.

So you have made the decision to invest in a new home, now you must deal with location, finance, insurance, move out/in dates, family and pets. Relax, our team is with you working through each challenge to ensure as smooth a process as possible. That is why we guarantee that from the moment you choose one of our homes, our ambassador to you is available to work through any issues until you are happily moved in.